Mapping the Public-Private Partnership in Digitalization of Refueling Station PT. Pertamina in Indonesia

The development of technology in the current digitalization era has encouraged PT Pertamina (Persero) to innovate in its business continuity, especially in the downstream sector. Some examples of downstream business development innovations range from digitizing gas stations, managing social media, and creating a new program for one-price BBM fuel distribution. The program is called One Price BBM, which aims to make fuel distribution more transparent and efficient.

Pertamina has full responsibility for energy sustainability in Indonesia and must follow the developments of the current digitalization era. The digitization of gas stations includes the provision of digital gas station infrastructure, Data Center and Connectivity at 5,518 gas stations or 75,000 nozzles throughout Indonesia. Pertamina and Telkom agreed to develop a fuel distribution platform to monitor the stock of fuel at the gas station storage tank, amount of fuel released through the nozzle and revenue from fuel sales.

By digitizing the nozzles at Pertamina’s gas stations, BPH Migas will be able to more easily monitor and record all quantities of PSO and non-PSO gasoline supplied via gas stations. The Downstream Oil and Gas Regulatory Agency (BPH Migas) continues to strengthen its control on the distribution of discounted gasoline via several means, one of which is the digitalization of gas stations. As a result, BPH Migas works with PT Pertamina and PT Telkom Indonesia to develop and execute the gas station digitization project, so that the resulting data may be used as a monitoring tool by BPH Migas. Naturally, this gas station’s digitization must be accompanied by a robust signaling system to guarantee the correctness of the resulting data.

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