ICONPO XII Bring themes about “Strengthening Digital Transformation Towards Smart Governance”.

Sub-themes are as follows:

  1. Government Machine
  2. Government Computer Security
  3. Cloud Computing of E-government
  4. Government Support for Computing Research
  5. Cloud Computing Future of Public Sector
  6. Data Processing and Government Administration
  7. Computer Communication and Organizational Commitment
  8. Government policy and Computer Industry
  9. Cloud Computing and Government Service Oriented
  10. Management of Computer Applications in Local Government 
  11. Algorithmic Government: Automating Public Services
  12. Reinventing Government in The Information Age

The Update Information can be access through : https://iconpo2023.weebly.com/

Registration can be access through: https://www.morressier.com/o/event/64251cba350dc4001248697a

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