Bachelor Degree Accreditation


APSPA currently will do accreditation on Bachelor Program Public Administration and Government and related fields in Asia Pacific Countries.


Accreditation will proposed by related Department or University and send formal email to APSPA Secretariat Then APSPA’s Commission on Accreditation will confirm and send form to person in charge. Normally related Department will take 6-months to fill and compile data on accreditation form. The completed form will send to above email. Committee will have desk evaluation meeting to evaluate filled for.


Accreditation fee use the package system, that includes the registration fee and operating expenses during the three assessors work assessment. The total cost of accreditation assessment is 2500 USD for non-members APSPA and 2000 USD for members APSPA, excluding return air-fare from the original departure from each assessors and accommodation.There will be discounted price from the published accreditation rate above for the APSPA founder member.

No Standard Sub-standard
1 Vision, Mission and Objective 3 (4.48%)
2 Governance 6 (8.95%)
3 Student Development 12 (17.91%)
4 Human Resourses 17(25.37%)
5 Curriculum and Learning 12(17.91%)
6 Infrastructure 11(16.42%)
7 External Relations and Network 6(8.95%)
  Total 67