Based on the background, we proudly invite academics, practitioners and professionals to take part in the conference by sending us a paper either theoretically or practically on the subject. The conference proposes several, but not limited to, themes entitled “DIGITAL AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENT GOVERNMENT DURING CRISIS MANAGEMENT IN POST-COVID-19” and the following sub-themes:

  • Big Data for Crisis Management in Unprecedented time
  • Artificial Intelligence in Governance and Disaster Management
  • Digital Revolution in the Public Sector
  • Leadership and Technology 4.0 in Urban Management
  • Leadership and Electronic Governance in Global Pandemic
  • Big Data for Facing Pluralism of Inclusivity and Equality
  • Crisis Democracy during Global Pandemic
  • Leadership in digital disruptive technology 4.0 during pandemic situation
  • Artificial Intelligence in Public Private Partnerships and Public Funds
  • Education for Big Data Strategy in Global Pandemic
  • Modern Infrastructure of Governance and Resource Management
  • The Innovation of Artificial Intelligence in the Public Sector
  • Big Data for Evidence-Based Public Policy
  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for Decision Making
  • Beyond the Borders of Artificial Intelligence for Governance
  • Artificial Intelligence Survey of Expert Opinion
  • The Opportunity and Changes of Artificial Intelligence for Public Sector
  • The Implications of Artificial Intelligence and Public Policy Innovation
  • Blockchain and Governance Innovation
  • Algorithmic governance in the Public Sector
  • Real Estate Management and Housing Policy in Post Pandemic Era
  • Application of Information Technology in Land Use and Land Planning


Abstract Submission

  • Demonstrate a clear research field and highlight the core subject of the paper.
  • Have a background, problem(s) and objectives of the paper/poster.
  • The abstract length no more than 300 words, including title of the paper and keywords.
  • Keywords are between four and seven words.
  • Mention author(s) names, institutional affiliation(s) and email address (es).
  • Be written in English.
  • Not be published elsewhere.

Full Paper Submission

  • Minimum word is 4000 words (including tables, graphs, footnotes and
    references), written in English.
  • Full paper should be submitted with a payment receipt of the registration.
  • For citation format, please follow the IEEE style of referencing, using Mendeley is a must.
  • Structure: Title, Abstract, Background, Literature Review, Basic Theory, Result and Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgement, References (Maximum 10 pages with narrow margin)
  • Make sure the references are from 2010-2020, and more than 20 references.
  • Paper can be written in person or group of max. 3 persons. Both abstract and full paper
  • paper and poster can be submitted to apspaorg@gmail.com


Abstract Submission25 February – 30 May 2021
Accepted Abstract Notification & Payment Notification2 June 2021
Full Paper Submission Deadline30 June 2021
Full Paper Acceptance Notification & Payment Registration*30 June – 20 July 2021
THE DAY of ICONPO 202113-14 August 2021

*The author might need to do revision before they receive the acceptance letter. Once you receive the acceptance letter, you can proceed with your payment registration.


The registration fee for each individual participant goes partly to APSPA as the membership fee and partly to the Host for operating conference program. The conference will be held simultaneously on-site and online.

Additional Fees for proofreading and publication will be informed soon.

Payment transaction will be sent to the official account of APSPA as follows,



Account Number: 7110797472 SWIFT CODE: BSMDIDJA


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