Sub Themes of ICONPO 2021

Digital Governance

  • Big Data for Crisis Management in Unprecedented time
  • Digital Revolution in the Public Sector
  • Leadership and Technology 4.0 in Urban Management
  • Leadership and Electronic Governance in Global Pandemic
  • Big Data for Facing Pluralism of Inclusivity and Equality
  • Crisis Democracy during Global Pandemic
  • Leadership in digital disruptive technology 4.0 during pandemic situation
  • Big Data for Evidence-Based Public Policy
  • Education for Big Data Strategy in Global Pandemic
  • Modern Infrastructure of Governance and Resource Management

Artificial Intelligent in Public Administration

  • Artificial Intelligence in Governance and Disaster Management
  • Artificial Intelligence in Public Private Partnerships and Public Funds
  • The Innovation of Artificial Intelligence in the Public Sector
  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for Decision Making
  • Beyond the Borders of Artificial Intelligence for Governance
  • Artificial Intelligence Survey of Expert Opinion
  • The Opportunity and Changes of Artificial Intelligence for Public Sector
  • The Implications of Artificial Intelligence and Public Policy Innovation
  • Blockchain and Governance Innovation
  • Algorithmic governance in the Public Sector
  • Real Estate Management and Housing Policy in Post Pandemic Era
  • Application of Information Technology in Land Use and Land Planning