Innovation Artificial Intelligence in Bus Capsules In Jambi City

Jambi City is a member of the 100 smart cities movement, a collaborative initiative of the Ministry of Communication and Information, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of PUPR, BAPPENAS, and the Presidential Staff from 2017 to 2019. The movement’s goal is to assist districts/cities in developing a master plan for smart cities that maximizes the use of technology and public services. Jambi City achieves a smart city via five steps: regulatory development, infrastructure development, application development, ICT human resource development, and inter-institutional cooperation development.

            The city of Jambi uses five development stages to demonstrate its achievement in becoming a smart city. Through the SIKOJA application, the use of AI in apps and websites enables services in one hand. The existence of JCOC facilitates the administration of application systems and websites that are sent to their appropriate authorities, and the saved data may serve as the foundation for future decisions. The poor utilization and usage of ICT is due to the inability of government and community human resources to change and are thus underutilized. Some forms of application-based services are only a display for implementing the smart city program but are not utilized. The importance of enhancing the quality of human resources, infrastructure, and application development in order to address operational issues. Additionally, integration of many systems and agencies is required, as is data sustainability to support future policy.

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